Ceramic strap “T”
The strap for ceramic tile is made from Nylon, which guarantees strength and elasticity, resistance up to 50 kg of pressure. You can create a joint of 0.8 mm up to 2 cm of tile thickness, by using traditional spacers the system works properly up to 7 mm of joint. The perforated base allows the thinset to spread around it, and because of the nature of Nylon material; the straps adhere perfectly with each kind of thinset, creating a solid surface under the tiles without any voids.

Marble and natural stone strap “TS”
The marble and natural stone Wing Strap™ is made in Nylon too, so it keeps the same features of the ceramic one, but thanks to the “V” shape base it’s able to compensate up to 3 mm of difference in thickness between the tiles, maintaining a joint of 0.8 mm up to 3 cm thickness tile.

Tuscan Red Cap “B”
The Tuscan Red Cap has 4 ‘feet’, which can work properly on two, three, or four tiles, with a uniform pressure on each point. The stainless steel tongue finds ‘infinite setting points’ along the strap. The Tuscan Red Cap is reusable a minimum of 50 times, these feature extremely reduces the cost by amortizing it.

Dynamometric “TTT Tool™”
The easy to use Dynamometric TTT Tool™ guarantees a uniform pressure on each setting point. It has only two working positions, “Green” for pressure, calibrated on 50 kg, and “Red” to break and remove the strap once its job is done. The ergonomic handle is very comfortable and it is engineered so the amount of strength needed to tighten the cap is diminished significantly (compared to other tools) which reduces the daily stress on the installers’ hand.

Tuscan SeamClip™
The Tuscan SeamClip™ is the first and only One-Piece Leveling System, which does not need an installation tool. It is easy to use. You can create a grout joint of 0.8 mm up to 3 mm when combined with the traditional spacers. The SeamClip is offered in three different colors, depending on the tile thickness (white 3-6 mm, blue 6-9 mm, red 9.5-12 mm). The SeamClip™ is very much appreciated by both the professional installer and the DIY community.